Savings of 18% to 35% whole building

Savings of 75% in lighting up-grades

Professional Building Inspections



  • CCB # 205486 Contractor
  • OCHI# 2068 Inspections
  • EPA Certified
  • Building Science "Energy Management" Certified
  • Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally
  • Member of OREIA "Oregon Real Estate Inspectors Association"


Energy Management

CZ has built a reputation for leading-edge technology. 

Our background evolves from over thirty years working in nearly all climate zones within our nation.

CZ has a passion for reducing energy usage to reduce your bottom line & inspections to protect your investment. Our focus has always been devoted in researching the latest technology to pass on to our clients. CZ is a Sustainable & Environmental Business leader serving our clients. 


 We are building science experts with experience in the infrastructure backbone, lighting, mechanical, gas fired equipment, HVAC, refrigeration, building pressures air & thermal barriers. Our expanded knowledge in many areas of energy usage known as "Whole Building Approach" is how we can develope an existing building and reduce energy usage.




Building Analyst & Testing

 We offer professional energy management financial summary spreadsheet reports and evaluations to maintain efficiency of your building.

 Our evaluation will demonstrate how you can save thousands in repairs, downtime and energy waste. Receive an UN-bias report from a professional first.

Oregon Inspections

Through the years we have spent weeks and even months in class rooms to sharpen our skills. This also has earned us additional certifications, education & skills to better serve our clients. Our inspections revolves around our knowledge. We follow the Oregon standard SOP for inspections, However we also can provide information on energy savings, health & safety issues. Most clients do not think about utility costs, CO,CO2, Radon, insulation, duct systems thermal & air barriers before buying. 






 Data Collecting

Our experience as systems integrators allows us to achieve a level of precision that places us among the leading control and automation contractors in the industry.

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Building Science

Building science consists of overall knowledge of the envelope, HVAC, thermal & air barriers, air leakage, duct systems, carbon monoxide, pressures, water intrusion, ventilation, how structures are built, how they should be built in different climate zones and how they should perform. 

Building Testing

Education, training and experience in testing buildings for efficiency, health & safety is the number #1 key to understand the importance of many issues that could be present. It takes many years to achieve a professional level in the building envelope to be successful. 




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